Prayer for the morning: Dear gOd, help me to be in my Heart. In there I have wisdom that transcends any knowledge passed onto me. In there I have strength beyond anything the mind can imagine, think better, try to see through and make any sense of. May I listen to my own Heart’s voice and not listen to those who have not walked, where I am currently walking - even if it is a solo path at the moment. May I have faith in your wisdom and trust your ways.

Remaining in my heart I have compassion and courage and lOve for holding the entire Universe. Forgiveness for any error, softness for the hardened, sweetness for sour, flowers for the dead.

Dear gOd, please help me through this time to not take on board any projections and shield me from feeling the anger and blame that others cannot accept in themselves. Let me place it gently back in their own hearts to be forgiven and released and not carry it for them.

May I stay true always to the lOve flowing in my Heart abundantly from gOd and not feed into words coming from anger or depression, fear and hurt, blame and guilt, but may I be of service instead to lift and shift this darkness by walking through it unmoved, untouched and shining only the light I am. Amen.