Connecting the dots in this cosmic interstellar picture that is only beginning to come out. Like stars at night. If you look directly at it, you can’t focus on it. Yet. How considerate and kind of him to buy those binoculars. Little gestures like that he supplied my world with. To see clearer. That’s his style. That’s who he is.

All the pieces must fall off the board, all the pawns, the bishops, rooks and knights.. No guards, no war, nothing to defend…Only the White Queen and the White King stands. Back to basics. Back to the beginning.

Desired constellations, perhaps. Waiting for those supergiants and supernovas to implode, revealing blackholes and revelations, dropping little clues and hints through many different people, serving as messengers, and I hang on every word trying to put it all together, this giant crossword of pastime, I wonder what the full picture will display once done? Once connected. Aligning those portals of possibility and waiting for the world to move into that place and space. Bound by other laws I cannot influence or touch whatever magic is bestowed upon me, I cannot make the world spin any faster. (I just wanted to hold you in my arms.)

Such frustration for the impatient Fire-sOul who sees eternity long before it arrives. Such madness to live with. Making it so lonely to walk without companionship. Missing her best friend.

The whole world is wild at heart and weird on top through these transitional days where nothing or anything you’ve ever learned will make you fit for this walk through. It’s only steps into an unknown, where the trust in your Heart is all you need (and have!)

I close my eyes and even before I fall asleep I am out of this world, so eager to leave here and they equally eager to receive me, impressing me with reality and peace of other dimensions where truth is displayed and lived, and there is a flow of life beyond all of this dense, timeconsuming, painful and lonely life.. I ask them and myself every morning upon arriving here, again and again. Why don’t you let me never wake up?