On the shores of forever

Everything is ultimately a journey you are on constantly. Never ending. We’ve moved from circular understanding to endless spiraling consciousness. That’s the way out. All the clues and hints now beginning to make sense. Little stardust-seeds that were cleverly hidden within us to unfold for much later. I wonder if this is now. Now that we truly need them.

I hear him calling from somewhere that seems endlessly close, but so far away. The irony of shutting down all means of communications only to find there is a sOul telepathy going on constantly where he speaks loud and clear to me holding absolutely nothing back.

Words are superfluous throughout this illusion of time and space. And what he tells me in that space is beyond any words he could ever say to me.

I still laugh heartedly at that now that I’m free of the illusions. Out of space and time. How we try to cage in and control something that is free flowing. Like lOVe. The greatest force of all dimensions and universes. JOy is forever in my Heart, so how can I cry any longer?

I’m still just sitting here on the beach watching the endless Blue. Being kissed and caressed by a Sun that never seems to stop shining. The heat and the light of the Moon and her pull stirring the waves and the wind, gently calling my body to go in, to be bathed and baptized day in day out, time has lost count, time has no space within this infinite Blue. I am. We are.

The deconstruction of these walls and labels that had us defined for so long unable to break loose, to break free, to be free, within and with each other are now crumbling definitely. Erasing whatever trail and trace that have no echo in any eternities, banishing and lifting the darkness that has no function any longer. No seeds to nurture, no dawn to foster, no cleansing to make. It is done. I release it all to the Wind, to the Fire, to the Water, to the foundations of this Earth and beyond as I call upon it, watching it dance and twist frantically, helplessly on the floor, on the ceiling, knowing I have no fear in it, I don’t care for it, to me it isn’t real, it is a force that tried to feed of light, but has no life of its own, which is why I have seen through it, it cannot do anything to me, I am a child of light and magic is my super power.

It knows, which is why it goes crazy. It tries to seduce me with all its lies. All its images of fear and suffering. But there is quiet in my Heart so I have no stories to match its poison. It has nothing to latch onto. Feed into. There is only light here. Only compassion. Truth. jOy.

I sing it out. I sing it out of this world, the next, the next again, out of the dimensions, the portals, the foot steps, the words, any thought, anything manifested goes unmade, undone, released, sung out of existence.

This is my magic. This is my lOve. This is how I live.

I find rest on the beach during those human hours that must pass. Willingly, lovingly obliging to entertain a state called patience. Patience only exists as reaction to accepting time as something real. Since I am out of time, I can apparently do this and not feel it. I stop listening to advice about how to do this humanly. I am not really human, so those laws do not contain me, or I don’t contain them.

This is the wisdom that has come to me. This is the wOman in me, wielding magic from an endless infinite power of receptivity and lOve. This is what I do. This is my purpose now. This is the wOman in me coming together and taking over.

You will find me there on the shores of out of time. Watching the Blue. Kissing the Sun back, singing along to the symphonies of Moonlight, dancing in the Waves, nurtured by Salt and Air. Singing your song back to you that you have forgotten or can't hear right now. This is what true friends do.

You will hear a drum rhythmically beating. Follow that sound. It is my Heart beat calling you. Guiding you. To come join me. Come find me. As soon as you can step out of time and the illusion of separation too. I’ll be here. As always. As promised.