The Sacred Path

They all signed up. The elementals. First. They greeted her and displayed their powers. Hail and rain to cleanse the woman she had become from walking too long in the shadow of herself.

Her voice stuck, her fear for calling upon the ancient wisdom. Remembering too well the way they killed her for her wits, for her powers, for standing up for the Sacred Masculine so long ago. Trying to teach, to liberate, to heal. The memory and the anger, the injustice has made her shut down her wisdom, her power of old, and the lOve she will not allow herself to feel. It’s all building up inside her, but she will not live this way anylonger.

This day, they all come to greet her, to welcome her back to her true power. First the elementals. Cleansing the Air and soaking her in Water in these Cardinal times just after the portal of the outbreath of Summer. The portal still spiraling its magic, the potency of everything buzzing with life, but it is the first step towards the Winter, and the sky already has a different, darker blue -almost unnoticed. Almost, but not for the ones who longs for darker days, knowing what they hold.

These wOmen walking along the path of power find the sacred well and notice this too holds the same movement of entering the rebirthing wOmb as is mirrored everywhere.

The same message coming through all the mediums and the sacred healers of the world. They all hear Gaia speak loud and clear, receiving also an affirming transmission from a supportive cosmos, that is an even deeper womb cocooning and carrying this Earth. Almost ready to be reborn- The energies and frequencies very different, very new, and are too transmitted and translated through the minds of those hearing it- The same message. Everywhere.

Coming down the stairs from the right. Drinking from the sacred Water that runs from underneath the forest. It is sparkling from vitality, the seasons changing, the thousand days of sunlight, the cycles of the plants and trees, insects, animals, the million drops of rain, the blessings of endless phasing Moons and her silver light, the footsteps of elves, people, animals, tall ones, goblins, fairies, ghosts, silence, stardust… It’s all right here in this Water.

We drink and let the magic happen. The quickening in our veins, in our Hearts, in our eyes.

We walk up the stairs to the left. A womb. Water. The canal. The ovaries. The balance between this movement. From right. To left. The walk is now the rebirth.

Across the threshold. Where the enchanted Forest is our childhood once again. And we remember all the things we always knew deep within.

The Wind pushes us on. Impatient as always. The Sun burns the clouds. The Rain comes and takes over. We walk. We listen. We feel with our feet.

Then the animals come to tell her how much magic she’s aligned with. So many powers to call upon. She’s blessed. Deer. Rabbit. Squirrel. Raven is her bird.

The veils are lifted as the exhaustion from walking and bathing in the magic of Nature mix and become the pound in our bodies. The thoughts have drifted away, just like the Clouds and perform no more Rain. Clarity.

Now the dreams can come at night from that realm of peace. From the green vividly in our minds eye. The gentle caress of butterflies’ flapping wings as they whirled past us, the silk threads from spiderwebs in our hair, the kisses from the leaves in the wind, the strong hugs from Oak and the one vision within ourselves now unfolding..

Dreams come and speak to the mind that has no veil, no filter, no resistance.

It was her birthday and she gave herself the most precious rebirth and present. They all came to meet and greet her home.