The Venus Diaries

The Venus Diaries on the 22nd June 2018 as Venus and Mars oppose

She has longed to hear Him talk; he has longed to see Her dance. She has longed to understand the depth of his inner world, what makes him tick, what he has withheld from the world, what he truly thinks about; he has hoped to see her confidently seize the moment, standing firm in what she believes and be moved by conviction, purpose and passion. She wants to look deep into his sOul and to feel his presence – that he IS present; he wants to be reminded that he is the centre of her world and that everyone else fades to grey… and so they sit on opposite ends of the dining table, quietly, each hoping the other can read the signs and take the initiative, staring coyly, yet tentatively, at each other and then onto their plates. Weary from the travelling endless divergent roads, finally only five feet separates them and a chance to work it out. She hears his voice of reason, he hears her heart. If they are honest, they know that they cannot live together but also that they cannot live apart. It’s the eternal dilemma between the head and the heart, a dizzyingly conundrum that has arisen so profoundly in recent days – listen to reason or listen to embodied feelings.

However it does not have to be either/ or…

Both can live together. Both can dance and talk; experience and understand; reason and intuit; plan and be spontaneous… They just need to accept that they ‘see’ the world through differing lenses. Acceptance is the first step to acknowledgement that in turns leads to healing and then integration. Neither one has the priority over being right; equally, neither is wrong! They are incomplete without each other. But have you found the balance between both in recent days, or have you fallen foul of the millennia bias towards the head?

Andrew Smith © 2018