The Solstice portal is open.

A wise woman taught me a very long time ago it had magical powers. If you wished, you could ask for something, something you really really knew was in your Heart. I grew up with this tradition in my heart.

You’d have to, of course, give something back to the world as well.

So this is a time of reflection- perhaps not upon what you want. Wanting something you don’t have always affirms you lack something right now. And that isn’t true. Everything you want is right here and now, only your ego may have a hard time accepting it is so. So where and how can you make your peace with that?

Outwards appearances are not always what they seem in this world- so there may be going so much on in your inside world that is just unfolding for you and maybe you haven’t seen the full picture yet.

But in this very moment you can trust the journey to be just as it should be.

So what can you meditate on instead? Where is there a lack of lOve in yourself? Where can you grOw? Can you hold a space for someone or something? The sacred masculine? The world leaders? Mother Earth, Gaia? A lOved one who needs it? Or are you exactly where you want to be then just be patient and enjoy.

What can you give, what will you give? What are your offerings and contributions to this world for the benefit of the whole?

How has the journey unfolded from the Solstice in Winter intentions and reflections now that the Sun aligns to the portal in opposition to those promises and prayers? What have your actions been since then?

This year I am learning how to be humble. I am learning grace and gratitude. I am learning that there are no guarantees in life, and that’s where deep gratitude comes from. I am learning to let the light in when the darkest hours are here. I am learning that the purest radiating lOve can come from unexpected places.

I am learning that I am still curious and have a whole new life beginning.

I am learning that sometimes another sOul will light a candle and say a prayer for you, and you find it is the kindest, most pure and loving thing anybody has ever done for you, because right there you needed it the most.

I am learning that when I let go, I am being held by exactly that, that is the liquid stuff of Cosmos. lOve. I am lOve in motion. So the sooner I let go of all other illusion of being incomplete and not whole without someone else, the better.

The Solstice portal is open over the next day. Make magic happen. The kind that comes directly from your Heart.