Not everyone will speak your language anylonger, though you may be using exactly the same words as they do.

You will hear it in the small pause when they hesitate to agree with you, because they just don’t get you or because what you propose is just outrageous to them.

Some need to deliberately provoke to get attention, that’s not what I’m referring to. It’s not in the intentional crossing boundaries or direct disrespect of other’s values or their violation of your sacred space.

But when lOving yourself and standing by that truth in your Heart makes your people very afraid, that’s where you need to stand even stronger.

You notice, though they talk sweet and say the right words, but you feel their energetics underneath and you know they lie.

Honesty. Still such a hard thing to get and expect from others. This is what happens when your transits are directly pushing you out on a limb where few or no one else will follow.

But you get the fruit. The sweetest one.

For many years I was discouraged by this, because I instantly felt the loneliness when others pulled away, or I felt I had to pull away from them. I always chose solitude over company with no exchange of unity consciousness. We all have our truths.

Sometimes we patiently have to wait for someone to keep up or let them go, because where you are going you want true lOve. Sometimes true lOve is waiting for someone to arrive at where you are in their own time, because you’ve seen why their path is a little different than yours. The human experience of being patient is a funny one, for there is no time.

I am not usually one who waits for the World to change, I go and change it instead. So this… Observing all the mad stuff going on from this waiting room, with doubting people and their prejudiced ideas, constructed rules and should’s and judgement and opinions and raving madness in the 3D world… Phew.. Then I appreciate the Angels, the soul tribe family who stands by you, because they feel you. Who gives you a real 3D hug, because you need it once in a while, the ones who walks with you to the coldest places and keeps you warm, the ones who knOw you and talk only the O-language. Gratitude and jOy arises.

These times are empty. And you do lose your mind a little. But maybe that’s a good thing. Who needs the mind, when the new world, the language, the lOve, the good things, the jOy are all created from the Heart and not from the mind.