Queen of Infinite Space

The Woman still speaks. She never left my side. I see her, recognize her as she points to the thread spun, woven, always pulling back and reconnecting to those songs from the One Heart that still beats royal Blue.

She has many voices but always speak with one force of eternity. She is always there.

As I walk with the magic in my hands, the shine in my Heart, the power of those words still spoken, the incantation and invocations, I see her and we are One too. I carry that seed of the Mother of this World, I am bringing peace to this realm. I carry the promise. I carry that part of the equation, I am the other half of this unity.

I gently dismiss any other truth that deeply insults my sOul, I care not for the gods or any god of their religions, I can’t follow prescription or dictations of how to praise or wear certain crosses or images, statues of worship, their words hold no truth for me. To me their magic is black in the deliberate destructive way and something is sacred.

We threw certain things on the Fire for a reason. Where fear was met and understood.

Time is non-existing. There is no linear, the cyclical is ongoing and spins into the vortex holding opportunity and miracles and breakthroughs instantly or delayed, it makes no difference, what is written, what is sacred will unfold, all we have to figure out is what to do with the time between those portals, when there are so many things to feel in that empty time between the end of things and the start of things.

They turn their heads to me and let me know. Everything is turning in my favor. All I have to do is be quiet and not interrupt the process. Trust and practice faith in all I do, or do nothing at all and finding something to do with my empty time, where nothing is woven, nothing is spun. It’s an empty field. They too are quiet.

So what do you do when you stand there all alone with a wisdom no one else can comprehend. Who do you talk to? Where do you go? Waiting for the One who does. Waiting for the next step into the next chapter. The new day. The new dawn.

It’s so little you can do, when you’ve seen it all. Holding the key to the door. But can’t move into it. When your aloneness has become pointless.

She walks with me in those fields, but she has nothing to teach, nothing to say. But she's a pleasant companion. She keeps me to strength, to honor, to dignity, to the lOve burning there unmet in my veins. The journey waits.

I am the road that drives away, but follows you back home. I am the white light blinding bright, burning off and on. I am the new day rising, I AM the brand new sky to hang the stars upon tonight. There is no running away, there is no leaving it all behind. It’s the vortex of someone elses ending, and I am waiting at the edge of tomorrow.

It’s times like these, time and time again.

Empty time. Just waiting now. She keeps me company. And holds me to the truth in my Heart’s wisdom. 16/7. That’s the only time we’ve got.