Solstice Portal

How to make Solstice-prayers?

It’s a New Light on this New Earth. However you perceive the fast and massive changes occurring, beaming lights of awareness into your strands of DNA, not those perhaps that hold ancestral codings, but the others now decoding slowly, speaking a new language, that holds those messages that come like whispers from consciousness of eternal knowledge.

How do you focus solely on your own when everything else is connected, interwoven in the web of all life? Do you think you are alone in this? You’re not. They come and were always here.

How to make Solstice-prayers now? How to plant in that portal once you remember the prior ones? Is there anything left to say, when words of this world hold no promise anymore?

When Sun and the Moon are in their right aspects. Omens and other languages are spoken now.

Memories of invocations. Their vibration still echoing. They still touch and caress my sphere but hold now songs I can’t understand. An off-tune, a disharmony. Though it sounds right, there’s a hint of shift from major to minor..

I may not see the full picture. Yet. I know the tune and it recalls a faint memory of lying awake in the nights watching them unfold in waves above me that spun into a golden liquidity intertwining, connecting to the lover beside me, keeping me awake, but him sound asleep, though he claimed to always be not sleeping. Like silent fireworks, ricocheting into an endless vortex, spinning their spirals into my heart and walking out of the dimensions into my sOul and back into the One Heart. The blue wisdom sparking from around his head. Blue lights that began appearing long before his arrival, the little omens. The messengers of the book we had already written.

It is in the undying faith that there is a plan. I must admit my limitation to not knowing the wisdom of this. The wind whispers, but I can’t hear yet, what she says.

How to make Solstice-prayers.. My words are not enough. I have no magic here. I can only come with an Open Heart.

gOd will know my intention. The longing in my sOul. That’s all I have to offer up.