Sacred space and New Moon

The Moon dancing her last steps into the space of alignment with that One Blue Light, today of all days, in these very hours.

Her presence there firmly reminds me of what just transpired. Just to make sure, I understood clearly. Pointing to all those things I need to embody through her.

Supplying an invisible cocooning, but life sustaining dark for this particular seed in that one sacred space, we meet again. I am still barefeet. The One eye watching me, acknowledging my presence, and takes me on a journey to understand everything, that words cannot contain or express.

It's the new language. Light language. Codes, I finally understand and never thought I would.

The one who reminds me, I wrote it long before I was told to stop that nonsence and instead was taught to write a language, that has lost it's vibration and energetics.

So did he, and we sit around the Fire in marvel over the realization.

The clues and hints of the cosmic treasure hunt taking me far away, - that Ship is taking me far away from my memories of the people who care if I live or die, and I have no idea yet where it wants to take me.

The mind put to rest trying to decipher what the soul already knows, but I can’t remember. Patience for the unfoldment. And today there are more earthly celebrations.

It’s time to feel it, embrace it, embody it. These joint constellation offers for one day a sacred womb and darkness, much to the likes of the chambers in the sacred hills, and I feel the second birthing. The inbreath and the outbreath.

The Blue Light and the Dark Moon. She brings everything with her today. All the right constellations as if by magic, organized so delicately perfectly timed, she is opening the portals and gates and aligning them for me to balance their lights and dialogues. I will accept and walk through this space in time and accept its magic and do my own too.

By invocations, blessings, healing and songs. The right constellations and portals opening, obeying nature and her rhythmical dance, we can make magic happen. The Universes oblige, locks are cracked open, Heart opens, the portals too, minds free, gates unblock, the passage clears for the benefit of this world and all humanity and for YOU too who is suffering needlessly in silence and pain, because your heart can't breathe in the new while you allow your mind to maintain your ridiculous decisions to torture yourself, and you feel you need to hold to it- Let it go, open up your Heart, welcome lOve on in, where are we without the Fire within?

That's what we witches do. Magic. So be careful!

The things we threw on the Fire are no more. New Moon. New. MOON.