You are coming into your own

You are coming into your own. This whisper is beaming into me whenever I find the quiet time, before I go to sleep, when I meditate. You are coming into your own.

It is the Original language, that communicate through song, through the ether of vibrational waves and frequency. It is reciprocated by the way change is occurring. It is everywhere. Written in rocks, coming through inspirational design, architecting new landscapes, that are not new, but original. It wants us to come back into our own. To be healed in all aspects. Physical, emotional, vibrational, spiritual.

I feel it in the goose bumps on my body feeling the energy on places that are sacred, where churches have been built to cover it up. The land is not happy about it. Her power and force sings loudly and wants to shake loose those constructions built to block her energy points. When you stand on her chakras you will feel empowered and come into knowing. You will have visions of her intentions for us. You will feel the Oneness with her. You will feel energized and begin. You can’t not.

I see it on the locks and chains there preventing us from entering into the dark chambers, going in to natural places where we will know. And something or someone doesn’t want us to trespass. It is that thwarted action of the terrified Masculine, dismissing the FEMININE, that has shaped and constructed the world we live in in the west.

Asking us to reconsider at some point- why? Why are you going to work? What is it that you actually do? Does what you do sustain you? Does it contribute to our world? Does it facilitate the need of your sOul’s purpose for coming into this realm? Do you remember why you came? Are you walking your path or have you lost it? What is it that we do to contribute to the collective? What is that YOU do?

When you eat the food that doesn’t nourish you, you can be sure it hasn’t been produced from an intention of wanting to sustain our Earth either.

It is the gently but firm reminder that you need to come into your own now. To help take down now the constructions that are falling apart anyway and thus rebuild a new world.

The softness and the vulnerability you feel stirring in your womb and lover abdomen now physically expresses who you are. If those areas need healing, heal them.

It is time we came into it, so that we can put aside now the anger and the force for having to put our feet down against an oppressive masculine approach, rebelling against it over centuries to end it. But it is time we stop castrating them now and punishing them and forgive instead. Just stop. It isn't working and offers no life. No point.

It is time to end the confusion that reigns in this world. We are not confused. We are strong. That strength is asking us to end the struggle. Stop burning in that Fire and become the Flame instead.

The New Sacred Feminine is the original state of softness, vulnerability, receptivity. Not timid, not shy, not pleading, not pleasing. STRONG and powerful and NOT budding away from her power and force, but she is soft and vulnerable. Therein lies her true power. And it will balance the masculine who rises now. Who has been schizophrenically confused over his own identity. He can't accept his feminine side until we do.

It is time for the MASCULINE society to recede, we must build a new world. Look at how work is masculine designed and constructed to divert and distract. Everything about our western world is masculine. It lacks balance. It is time we stopped doing pointless work and create our pointless workplaces where people do nothing but kill time, and start getting in touch with their souls purpose for coming into this world.

We are ALL coming into our own. Healing and forgiveness is needed. And then… Let’s delay no longer. Let’s get to it. Unity. Bringing balance to this realm.