Unity consciousness

She doesn’t care about the drama that arose from the ancient separation.

It’s enough tears shed. Enough suffering. Enough pain. Get your acts together, literally walk your paths, do what you are here to do now, or be broken apart to start letting that Light in.

The Light now birthing onto this realm has already begun. We all feel it. The energetics of transformation. It is being whispered from every corner of the world, all are having synchronistic experiences. We all see the same. In whatever way we perceive truth.

She is pure in her original flow of light. She cares not for the struggles of maintaining the ongoing momentum of egoic stretching, the drama between the sexes for actually feeling the need to unite, but failing to and instead drowning in being unable to let go of the selfish wanting to control, the frustrating energy that is contagious and poisonous, destroying our world, our lands, our nature, our lives, our hearts, coming from arguing over power on both sides, she knows it’s time to rise above it, to stop, full stop, and she lays everything bare and barren lets everything die now, that doesn’t. It may seem hard and unfair. But it’s just time. Period .

She knows it is inevitable. The ones who lives in the New have to undergo transformation. Perhaps that is why she over time has been feared both by man and woman. She is seen as Kali or Lilith, the destructor, because she does ruin it for them. They blame and fear and run and seem to have forgotten that deep within their souls is the seed that wants to be planted in the right soil, it wants to grow, it wants to come alive, they have already asked for it, it is their sole purpose for being here!

The only pain they feel is because they ultimately are fighting against their sOul’s wish. That is always painful. The acceptance and flow bring peace and joy. Instantly.

She makes her contribution and fulfills her purpose by pulling apart that ego. That IS violent when you have been sleep walking through your life going against everything you are here to do. I suppose it is disruptive and feels like the erupting volcano coming to take away everything you had become addicted to, accustomed to, dependent on.. I suppose, it feels like your life is ruined, when it happens. And it is.

But she is wide awake, and she cares not for anything but balance and being what she is. But what appears to be a loss is actually the beginning of a happy new phase.

She cares not for anything else anymore. People fear her, she doesn’t care. She is lOve in her highest form. She is a healer.

She is wild and untamed and has the power within her to repel any attempt to suppress or cage her in. She cares not for makeup and showing off her ass. Her breasts are powerful and shows off her true power. The only sex she makes is for sacred union. The magic ability to bear life for 9 months and the patience in bringing new life into this world. Her womb is sacred as is her body. It may not be safe to walk on her lands, as something may collapse on you, but everyone who pays her a visit feel refreshed and at peace and awakened to their own power.

She is here to bring peace. Like nature, she cares not for the houses that were built in the false gods names, she will take them all down by her force to breathe, to be, to shine, to heal this world and awaken within us the Original Woman so that the Original Man may appear as well and rise, enabling them to finally unite and help bring back this realm to peace.

So that we may hear the land speak again. The harmony. The new life that sustains and flows and bring lOve to this realm. No more destruction, no more wars, no more unbalance.