The New Light within

There is a quiet space within that breathes in fresh the Air. It hasn’t been revealed to many yet. But it will. It comes through the quiet of night, there when the hour is darkest, when you are freed from the mind and the hardened heart. It comes in and quietly sings a song of origin.

It calls back the original peace, the one intended for this realm, that spiraled into this direction, wielding from a non judgmental state of bliss into a force of want, a force of push and pull, the force of creation and the songs of the world turned into cries and thus took on other notes as the blows and magnetism sent the lights and beams in opposites directions.

Then confusion came. Wars came. Power struggles. Misinterpretations of 'sin'. And we shaped the world upon that.

But in the undertones of the song that still vibrated, the same intelligence kept truth right in front of us. We feel it. We’ve always felt it. Over time and space we constantly and consistently have held the key. It has been messaged through the symbolism in the eras of time and can be read in the akashic -or even in the landscape, tasted in the soil, heard in the wind. You can ignore time altogether and just be in it. If you want. And you will know.

There was an original split. Before that, oneness. Union.

Release. Healing. Growth. Unity.

Life time of looking into eyes of strangers, seeing if I could find that light I belong to. My heart has danced into the painful memory of separation when they did not recognize me, or even worse did, but decided to ignore the facts and thus the journey. Mistaking the memory with a broken Heart. The Heart was split into two a long time ago. It’s but the memory of it. It’s not happening now. This pain endlessly old.

I have danced through the heavens through portals of space and dimensions, waiting for the weaving of energetics, lifetimes and right constellations to arrive. I chose to come. WE chose to come. I have a purpose. We have purpose.

It’s in the Blue visions contained within the 3 degrees to each side, in this perfect for the journey designed vehicle. Now they come in numbers, but there is only One.

There are doorways and portals here too that correlate to the doors in the sky, that would lead you straight to this light, to bring you home. Or to the second coming.

The events leading up to this were carefully orchestrated in a web of invisible strings throughout many lives and many places. All these events pulling together the synchrony of energy to make it all happen. How brilliant gOd is. This web is amazing. When they tell you their stories, you feel blessed and in awe. You should take the time to listen to them. Put aside everything else, for your time is running out.

Through visions and ceremonial preparations, the mind is lost. We lose our minds to be able to travel. The altered state supplies the liquidity to truly transform. To let go. And you don't need your mind anymore.

You pass the rocks. Earth. You wade across the Water. The visions come. Fire. Then you breathe out. Air. Let go. I knew I would die from this. I knew it. Release. Healing. Growth. Unity.

They see me. Acknowledge my presence. The eye that watches me has a voice. Within no time at all I travel to where I must go, wordless realities of old, I see a pact being made, I see that origin. I must remember this origin as it holds so many truths and so many peace bringing messages for so many. The origin of intention. The state that is trying to be birthed into this world now. It is already beginning to stir, to happen, to awaken. Her silent presence has already found voices, minds, hands and hearts to birth and be and breathe through. We know her purpose. We’ve always known. WE have been patient for thousands of years until her time was right to bring balance. To bring peace. The Blue. In us all.

I arrive at the same floor in the darkness, barefeet, underneath the cocooning ceiling in this chamber underneath the starry symbols above my head. Whatever was birthed in me hasn’t manifested yet. But it will. Release. Healing. Growth. Unity.

At the end of the days I see that Eye in sky above. Checking in on me as if to let me know it watches me. There are links between the events in time and space. And there is a space within that holds forgiveness after the release, healing and growth so that unity can happen.

That’s the blue space held in the Heart.