What do you want?

The synchrony of carefully orchestrated strings pull at me. I have to go there, to find that, to meet certain people. The 'trust, surrender and let go' transforms and adjusts the fixations of wanting to have control over my life and as if by magic changes it into a dance of moment to moment. A clever girl recently had the epiphany to not look into to neither the future nor the past, but to look into the present because this is where you live. Only right here, right now is. The personal New Moon in the middle of a powerful Waning phase and the directions and whispers are advising me to plant a seed of intention. Today. What do you want? They ask me, voices singing from within, all those wise ones who I have invoked, who I have sought for company through this awakening/birth/walk/shift/loop. You're not coming to release. There is nothing left to lose. You've given everything freely. What do you want? The songs of Nature reminding us all how to come back to knowing. Remembering who we are. Through the cascades of Water over ancient Rocks many beautiful beings all joined into one and sang gently in my ear. 'Remember who you are!' Another clever woman tells us her story around the table. She imagined what she needed. And it was. The power of manifestation. The shift from not wanting this and that to needing from a Heart that knows. The Sun I wake up to today brings a flare of wisdom. It is lighting up the house of shadow. Today. There is no more darkness. I am not afraid of the dark anymore. Winged Messengers have paid me their visit. Today. I walk with the seed in my hand. A new life. In the middle of everything else dying.