Dowth~Darkness~The 7 Sisters

The wild untamed naturally let to grow, let to be feminine, speaks her language clearly, as we enter her land.

The masculine has made a small effort trying to keep us out, but something in their attempt seems useless and lazy at the same time. As if they knew it would be pointless. You can easily and effortlessly squeeze through the locked gate and jump across the fence.

A semi unhappy spider losing her web is all the regret we encounter.

There are no visitors here. No buses full of tourists. No tickets or cafeteria.

You can't hear any traffic. The sheep seem at home and drawn to the quiet magic of this sacred site left to be wild.

I suppose this is what can happen to us without the interference of the Masculine trying to shut us down, cage us in, putting locks on our most sacred passage, selling tickets, making us up, telling false tales of us, caging in our power, our natural purpose.

Knowing and understanding so little of us, they are frightened and think we need this.

The Hill is taller than the others. Lush with gorse bushes, grass, wildflowers and a giant Maple tree singing her praise upon the untouched place. Like a magic spell, a song of enchantment.

The Rocks are magnificent. There is the same energetically charged feel to the intention behind this place as to the others.

Of course the entrances to the chambers within are locked. That's the only thing they have done.

We gather to sing at the barred and locked entrances and let her know we are here. The vibration of the open heart song sends waves back and forth as she reciprocates.

We stand in what would have been the Heart of the place. The collapsed chamber.

The energy thick with a cocooning warmth. A certain feel begins to rise, attach and connect. Like a lullaby. A nestling feel as everything else happening today takes on a deeper meaning of understanding what intentionally and apparently unintentionally transpired and thus begins to weave something I did not foresee, but ultimately is a gift and a sense of belonging, a sense of serendipity washes through me and I fall to my knees of gratitude and awe.

My heart wants to beat to her rhythm. I want to stay here and learn all she has to teach.

She is wild, but left to crave her territory, left to do what she wanted, she created such a space of softness. The whispers of her magic are gentle kisses and aligning that within that had become jaded. This is the gentlest aspect of the feminine I have ever felt. There are no words in me to express. It's just the feeling that lingers on with the vibration of having been standing in her womb that is now stroking still my entire being.

This is what we can be. Once let to it. Not being caged in, feared, told strange tales about, misunderstood or deliberately lied about?

They left her. The ones who saw it was useless to try and tame her. They left, once they realized they were 'tricked' by her. She made the Sun stop moving in the sky, creating an endless day. She drove them out. Her power wielded that from them and it's something to take note of. There is a message here. A new one. An ancient magic coming to teach us something.

They tried to take the credit for the correlation of constellation. They tried. But we who know, know better.