Live to tell

Sacred places can call on you.

Call you home. Call on your cells to come and be bathed in healing sounds and vibration. They will be meet you there, be waiting for you.

You’ve noticed the signs, you know what it entails. They come in visions at night, speaking to you in your dreams. You respond and come willingly, because this is the time.

I see the gates opening. The vortex pulling at my fingertips, embracing me, caressing me. The end of a journey, and the beginning of another. At this gate, at this river, choosing to go, coming willingly, acceptingly, feeling my cell structure resonate with their calling and already feeling my being begin to vibrate and awaken, visions dancing upon my forehead as if there is with me and in me a new memory not having happened yet, but is there already, and leaving the old permanently behind. As if I never existed, but already living in a new world somewhere else. Somewhere else.

There is no more pain in this body. There is no more pain in this soul. The heart is pounding loudly and wildly and vitally with life and lOve.

Gently being held in this time surrounded by healing Angels, lOve, nursed, taken care of, embraced, safe within my skin, standing tall, not lessened, releasing finally a life and a world of fake promises, the endless repeated karmic binding projections in shadow fixation and blame. It is not mine. It is not mine to carry. I put it down so long ago. I have to be free of it.

I come again to walk through. I come again to bless the space I’m holding. The truth remains. There is only lOve.

A Man can tell a thousand lies, I’ve learned my lesson well, I hope I live to tell the secrets I have learned.. till then, it will burn inside of me.