Coming together ~Full Moon

'If you know the path of the Moon, you will know the path of the Sun. With this knowledge and understanding, follow the path of the Light, which is beyond the Sun or the Moon.'

The Swan enters the Circle. She is with me everywhere, stating her presence. Calling me home.

The Air thick and laden with the smoke from the incense, but also the merging of powers and energy, and a caution to be strong in my own and trust my own vision, my own journey.

’Invoke the Sun AND the Moon’, they whisper as the drums begins.

Invite the Masculine Light, though this circle is made from women. There can be no more separation, there can be no more them and us, there can be only balance. Your task is to lOve them, heal them, forgive, become One, within as without, come bact to gnosis..

Empowered woman. I see your light. Come into your own. Your voice has become soft and calm. There is no struggle, no battle. She already sang you back to life so long ago. You are in lOve. This receptivity has no end. It gives. It knows lOve is the only healing the world needs. In the Heart all is well. In the Heart lOve is the only path.

Teach this now. Embrace your Moonlight now. Be Woman. From empowering of other women, reach beyond that circle. Invite them in now. Alone you are not enough. You cannot create balance on your own. You need the Masculine light. Within as without.

We need to lOve. Them. Forgive them. It’s time now to bring that balance back to this realm. Look to the archetypes. Acknowledge the pain that is in the confused Masculine Light who thinks he runs the world. In all its aspects. See it from every angle. It is force unintendedly posioning this world, suffocating the Mother, the beauty, the lifegiver, the lOver, the child. But it it because HE is suffering. See this.

Forgive. Only in the coming together to union, within as without, this can be lifted and shifted. Guide with lOve. Be lOve. Stand tall and firm in lOve. Speak lOve. Or do not speak at all.

The Blue Light shines forth. It wants a second coming. I am its messenger, for I too walked in the desert, I too lived through separation, we too did this. Before the coming together that shook the world, bound so many in fear and caused the ultimate illusion of separation. You are ready now. The one cannot be without the other. After the inbreath follows the outbreath. This is not duality. This in and out creates the third being. The third being is the Light that will heal. Everything. It’s the space between, the small pause that opens the door to eternity.

She caresses my cheek and sits on the mountain top with me. We sit there quietly in the Sun and let the wind sing a thousand tunes, we know them already so we sing along..

The Moon rises, completing her mission, finishing the tour having visited and lit up every corner of my being, making sure her message was known Within as without. As The Sun cast his Light on her journey. Always with her. Even when walking in the desert. Alone.

Singing this finalizing time in. Honoring it. Celebrating it. Thanking her for her gifts. Dropping small gems in every house. It’s just hours now.