There is lOVe in my heart. There is a joy that’s unbreakable.

Regardless of exterior events, we have to keep breathing. If there is pain in you, something is unresolved, you carry something that’s too heavy. Let it go. If you can’t let it go for all kinds of reasons, change it. Lessen it. Accept its companionship with you through this jOurney.

All other wisdom is old. This is the New. Aim not for perfection, cause you’ll never rest, never stop, never know jOy if you keep chasing that illusion. If you constantly have to change. Know yourself. Know yourself with all you are.

When you simply can’t address the same issue again and again, knowing you did face it, you have looked at it, you have talked to the fear in the roots of your existence, knowing it will never go away, cause you CANNOT change whatever already happened, it will always be there, like the snake biting your heel, poisoning your entire system. You stop fearing the snake, care less if it bites, ignoring the venom and the sting, you cross the bridge instead. In all the madness that fear and horror triggers within. Just breathe through it.


’When we lose our way, lead us through a place, guide us with your grace, to a place where we’ll be safe.’

Praying. To be received into the Cosmic Heart. Back to lOve. To being held and received. To be able to hold and receive also. To knOw lOve. And accepting it. Accepting our very essence, our entire being cannot and will not ever be anything but true emanating, shining, golden and beautiful lOve.

The only pain in this world is the vast, mass believing we’re not.