The wisdom of the broken Heart

Did you take the blue or the red pill when you had the choice?

Did you choose to laugh or cry when you came upon chance to engage in pain so intense and learned that breakdowns lead to breakthroughs and true peace follows a healing of ancient wounds (and that’s probably why you staged the event and actually rejoiced on a deeper level..)

Did you choose the narrow road that when pushed through led to a huge room with big AIR and blue skies, stars at night and breathing freely?

Did you surf those waves that disturbed your illusion of perfect happiness, as long as no one moved, changed or did something that rocked your boat?

Did you walk through the darkness or were you too afraid of the dark and turned back to ‘safety’ but thus cheated yourself into feeling 'safe' and you are living a life in fear.

Did you stand out, but stood true, did you stand alone, but trusted your heart to know the way?

Did you move away from psychological self chosen archetypal patterns by owning them, claiming them, addressing them, becoming One within the sacred merging within through the mirror work, the projection work, the shadow work and just moving away from guilt, blame, anger, past wounds, upbringing, childhood, unintended hurt and neglect, alcoholism, mental disturbance, drama, abandonment and other tricksters your busy subconscious kept drawing into your life through miscellaneous clever cover ups, there to make you aware you had to do some WORK to become the CHILD, the curious, happy, jOyful, innocent, free walking upon this Earth in lOve-human being you can be.

Did you rid yourself and freed your body from any poisons supposedly numbing your pain, but actually keeping your pain locked inside, holding on to the affirmation that you are hurting and ‘need something’ to keep you sane?

The more your heart breaks, the greater the knowing becomes.

The greater pain, the deeper the healing.

Embrace it. Underneath those deep wounds is your key to lOve and happiness. To not live life imprisoned by that hurt you carried for eons.

The Angel spoke to me in such soft words. The Wisdom of the Broken Heart.