Walk on

Walking long enough with the open Heart, you find you’ve walked through. The clearing is open and light finds you, refreshed, though tired from the strength you are alive and new. It’s the final day. Before the New. Whatever comes.

Allowing the shadows to dance upon the wall long enough identifying them at first, spending time dwelling with them, studying their steps, talking with them even, handling them as equals, letting them in to your inner circle, eating at your table, comforted by your Fire, satisfied from the stories they tell, you decide it’s enough. These buggers are not friends, they have to go.

A branch alit from the Fire you cleanse and release. You realize you’ve willingly jumped into that Fire to let it burn away. To be on Fire. To be Fire. Then you fear no ones wanting to burn you for your unwelcome or unpleasant truth. It's so old. Literally.

It’s the fresh Air coming. In and out-breath.

It’s in the cleansing of identification and observing your clinging to past that hinders the present moment. That in the wanting and needing to make order of everything you hinder freedom and flexibility. The rigidity keeping you unable to dance.

The smoke. The wild food. The gathering with like minded around a Fire. For whatever purpose. The Sun is shining. The wind so gentle. I wonder how I can be so jOyful inside, spending the day here, in this clearing. In the sacred place, my tribe is here. And more are joining. I feel so safe. So at home.

Alone, heart to heart, face flat on her massive womb. Mother Gaia. Takes me in. I ask to have all of that fear released. I will not life live in fear. Ever again. I am free. I am jOy. Because I honestly am. I’ve felt it today, though I thought I couldn’t be. She takes it.

I notice how kind life is. How sustaining. The child Gaia is bubbling with laughter as she finds me lying there. She wakes mine inside as we roll on our backs and let the Sky in.

She meets me right there and gently kisses my feet as I stand back up. ’Walk’ she says. And I keep walking. My path.

I won’t be alone.