Shadow work

Masks. Personae. The individuation process within as it finds me and plays its projection games around me.

The awakening within arising as certain as flicking a switch, electricity added, the darkness is lit, with light the shadows grow, and we can either project or pull them back, just own them. Dance with them, then they disappear. It’s by lOve everything comes to the quiet place, the peace, the knowing within. ’This is mine, I’m gonna go sit with it, until I find that peace and know myself from this journey it encourages, I will not spread it around.’ Choice.

The time for it, but the Snake that wakes from her slumber ready to rise offering the fruit has been banished and doomed as evil, so we fear her. Fear the awakening. Any little thing that hurts or is painful must be wrong, bad, must be replaced instantly by sacred prayer and denial, a drink however disguised as sacred perhaps, a drug, or just good old blaming the world around us for feeling as we do. Then withdrawing from pain, never understanding it is the cure. It’s exactly where you should be curious. Eager to understand the trail it leaves. Where there is pain, great healing is at your hand.

The jOurney is always a choice, but you must go within. And so many chooses without.

I found the Sun rays. I sat by the Ocean, still too cold to swim in. I discovered that aligning aha-moments with action and withdrawing instantly from the identification of projection- out of curiosity and just seeing what then happened.

A step aside and allowing others to do their work. Is kindness. Unselfish acts of letting be. Remaining in. Just in. No reason to ever leave yourself. lOve arose. Taking nothing ever personally, freedom came.

In the bright intense and very sudden Taurus Sun everything casts a shadow. Easier in Winter, when everything is just dark, dull, grey, windy, slow.. The Sun can be very demanding.

In chaos everything begins, in chaos is where the journey is. There is no journey in perfection, in things that already are balanced. No movement. So stop expecting a no-work-journey, it’s not your sOul choice this time around. Not if you are reading this.

Consider the illusion that someone or anything can harm you. Find the hurt in the mirror. Work there. Blaming others is always a choice of victimizing yourself. Own your power. Own yourself. Do the shadow work. Let yourself out. To lOVe. Peace. Freedom.

Patience with the jOurney. Trust your jOurney.