The truth about anger

It could be in the intensity of breakthroughs of late, the absolutions, the dreams, the loud screaming truth banging on my Heart doors, eagerly encouraging me to turn this way, open my one eye, ask the right questions, or perhaps just having ventured through exactly the right amount of times to see. To understand.

Patience with an immense loaded process, one that would teach me to fully know, not understand, but know, that the inner child had to be free, before my sOul child ever sing the song I am here to sing. I’d have to rid myself of any fear ever taken on board, any thought form that wasn’t mine to begin with. I’d have to address any doubt, any pattern that hadn’t arisen naturally.

It takes time. My strongest teacher taught me to be patient with things unfolding. The wounds inside from wherever the mistake was learnt and locked inside that loneliness, rejection and pain would be the medicine of this world.

To learn how to be finally free. Just free. I am free.

The eternal protection / projection game goes ever on until we know that lOve is within and can never be broken. Until we learn to detach from all the emotional ego and step into lOve.

It’s right under the breath, it’s right there in the same motion, the same force, the same rush, it’s through the motion of adrenaline, underneath the euphoria, those are the journeys you take to question the chemistry of your physical life, when it turns bad and you become the junkie of acceptance and love from another, you take on board their projection, you are ripe and raw and ready for more. Go through it, don’t keep passing the open windows.

When your rage is on, when your anger is kicking in, embrace it, don’t be afraid of the rules and the laws, it hides the greatest treasures, underneath that anger lies pain and hurt, those wounds are ripe and ready for healing.

Thank the ones who woke the Tiger, they are your teachers, they are your healers, otherwise you would have sleep walked through your life, forever tending an oozing wound that finds no cure, will never heal.

Walk through, walk through, come out the other side, let that child bleed and cry, let him/her out, don’t keep that hurt child forever prisoned in that moment of time, where their Heart mistakenly broke, let them know true lOve is within and not be forever doomed in the unintended hurt of another and think they are broken people, damaged people, unworthy, forever slaves of rejection, trauma, unkindness. Set them free.

If you know someone like this; let them know they are happy and whole. Shining forever. Let them see their own light and not forever yearn for the acceptance of another, addicted, halfhearted, forever shameful about their anger, their hurt, their pain.

Don’t shame them, don’t fear them, don’t say they’re too intense or too much. If you fear them, then simply recognize yourself in the eyes of the other. lOve. Forgive. Heal. Be patient.

That’s how we heal depression, mental illness, psychological diagnosis.. By allowing emotional outbursts and stop wanting to silence the angry ones, the hurt ones, the intense ones, the emotional ones, the different ones..

If YOU are like this; stop trying to fix and stop trying to make nice. Stop apologizing. Stop being ashamed. Be who you are. If you are angry and furious, you probably have a reason for it. Be curious about why. Take the journey through it. Go for a run. Go feel your force. Go where that anger takes you. Walk through your darkness. Come out the other side. Know yourself. Heal yourself. lOve yourself. Be free.