To let go and finally let life, let gOd, let it all come and go as it wants- allowing the free flow of things, remembering from a deeper state within, that I am nothing and in the nothingness everything happens, freely, naturally, limitlessly, wantingly.. and control is man-made.

I notice it in the control of needing to check my bank account, touching ground in that reality where you do need to check, and my heart pounds with fear, and I wonder why… Have I spent more than I have? Is it all gone? The financial stability, has my Venus and Juptier got the better of me? I know I am ok. Perhaps it is venturing that energy, back into control that upsets me.. Interesting observations, interesting energy, control and fear, now we know..

In the letting (e)go and free flowing comes an opposite. Are my wants are from my ego, or are they form my soul? I come to terms with knowing I may not see the full perspective in all this, I can’t possibly know what is best in the long run, and that’s the adventure not seeing too far down the road, but trusting my journey.

The journey.

So I stop worrying about it. I stop thinking about it. I invite whatever outcome. Not my will, yOur will. Whatever serves best in the bigger scheme of things.

When I return to that, the nothingness, I am lOve-connected, and nothing can ever happen, it is the other way around. It is the other way around.

I never left lOve. And here I stand…