Spring 2018

The embracing energies of this time. Come out to play, come out to play. Carressing our cheeks with winds of change. It’s a warmer air, but now it’s all about the soil and what’s emerging from the depths, and keeping a hopeful eye on the trees, that have been naked for so so long now, the bursting into life, all the seeds we planted through those dark night portals under the spell of stardust and new moons, full moons and waning phases.

Walking hand in hand.

Or perhaps it is those things we gave back to be lifted, to be anewed in their vibrations once we realised that we had prayed and asked for too much for too long.

So we give back. We released our attachment to outcome. We gave it up. Let it be. Let whatever would come come. In good faith. In knowing with our Hearts it would be as we needed.

Journeying through those cave walls was a birth. Or a home coming to something that made me remember who I am. A different language was remembered once I started singing in there. It resonated and activated. The white quartz whispers from other times and soundless language singing within. Calling to the cells. Calling to vibration. Igniting another frequency.

And they come now, those precious gifts; in small things like the unfurling flowers; their scents and bell like laughter as they stretch and strut their stuff, or the way the sun falls through the window in the morning, to the greater things like synchronicity, the new soulmates appearing, the events that flow, manifesting, walking into my happening, reminding me I am a happy soul, and I never saw them coming like that.

These happenings lie beyond intention, but are the silent prayers of my soul expressing themselves and forming a life, that I love to live.

The wind whispers. Listen to her song of creation