Being in love

Know yourself.

Know your traits and quirks, your beliefs, your passions, your limits, your mind.. And then question them all. Push them.

Know yourself again, when you think you know yourself.

Be passionately curious and don’t settle. This is an ongoing journey.

Through the emotional inquisitions I was faced to do over these transitions, I learned through the largely socially and academic accepted truths about human personalities and their black and white definitions made from analysis of fine doctors with degrees, that lack of empathy means you are a narcissist, and- according to the established world of fitting-humans-into-boxes perhaps you fit into one of the many fine diagnosis with abbreviations...

So, I laughed when I journeyed beyond the mind and saw I was not attached to emotional accepted behavior but something else than that, as we all are -when we allow ourselves to look beyond the accepted definitions of how we’re expected to behave, looking deeper into the programming and the norms. If we dare to question... a simple why…? Or is there another way to look at this?

Don't we owe it to ourselves and our fellow Earth life-travellers to be curious and put together the entire picture before we jump to conclusions that may impact and even destroy lives.. Is that not true empathy, really?

Me, I am detached, I am Air and along with other constellations within that aspect I can keep my cool in emotionally charged situations. I know all about grief, believe me, I’ve had plenty to grief over, I’ve had my heart torn out and broken so many times, I finally saw the illusion in it, that heart has to keep breaking until it opens, and in there underneath the layers of identification with grief is freedom and a chord that is attached to true everlasting love.

That Heart can never break for it is whole within itself and needs no-thing, no-one, only your realization that it is so. Nothing was ever given to you, nor taken away from you, everything is.

That’s a different angle to take. So why am I a narcissist for knowing death is not the end? Sympathy for the grieving, yes, and also a kind reminder that death is a door to somewhere else.

If you attach and cling to illusory beliefs and can’t move on from them, you are trapped. And that’s ok. If that’s what you want to do. But don’t label and imprison others who want to move beyond that.

In the journey towards that freedom, you are likely to undergo experiences of madness, loss of the mind, all kinds of tsunamic emotions, grief, anger, then learning to ride those waves, swimming without drowning, when you consciously dive under you now know you can breathe under water.. peace follows, acceptance, calm.. Joy rises when you discover your super power and let that out.. And that's knowing yourself. (And imagine.. you almost believed the academic, black and white, socially accepted definitions of you...Phew...! :) )

Knowing that you are forever in love.

You are never without. You may be alone or lonely. You may be in a beautiful relationship. You may be walking the Earth, going to work every day, or meditating on a mountaintop, you may never consider any of this as you go on from day to day with a big content grin on your face, good for you, but you are LOVE.

So BE in it. Know yourself. That is LOVE.