We sit in the Sun on OUR beach, we’ve come home, and the talk is future orientated as if we know what’s been in the past and we simply cannot care not any longer, we just want to be HERE, in the golden Sun, water shimmering underneath our feet, bathing in the sweet stuff, now it’s our time to shine. I see it reciprocated everywhere, everyone says the same.

We sit in the Sun talking about talking to the Sun. Like all the other stuff we talk to. The new neighbor I meet on the stairs, affirming affinity. Star talk. Talking to certain plants. The spirit of the forest before you enter. The spirit of a house. The soul of the Ocean. Money. Your food. The water you drink. It’s all about blessings and co-creating, co-existing, community, communication.

The communication lately. It is not about reversing the letters through a retrograde planetary phase, it’s the quickening beyond the mind that wants to move beyond the limitations of past trauma, having been locked in the labyrinths of endless projection, locking reality in fear, acting from hurt, actions alert and ready for eternal protection (from what? screams the free soul) to the limitations of a keyboard, finding it tedious finding the right keys, as that technology is too slow for expression.

The cure is in the journey through, so don’t give up halfway. Don’t take no for an answer, don’t listen to those miracle workers, ‘you know the one- Dr. Everything'll-Be-Alright, instead of asking him how much of your time is left, ask him how much of your mind..’ It’s a journey to understand what’s there, it’s long and seemingly endless, but with all the traumas came the treasure, I truly believe it is the only way to know yourself, and I need you to go beyond time and look into the reality of the Cross. This here.. this life is not all. It’s what we create, it’s what we see looking back at us, it’s what we happen onto.

Underneath the suffering is the same amount of joy waiting to be lived. So, when you’ve lived with the lies of your mind, struggled to find a way, tried all kinds of things to clean up the mess painfully remembered and stored somewhere in your brain, designing a projection game you discover at last, WILL keep you chained forever, you arrive at surrendering and just letting it be. Within you is something far stronger, far more powerful, something REAL, and you never have to fix what was broken, because the truth is, you can’t.

You only try, as long as you believe something was broken.

That’s the key. And then, you’re free. You let go of a past and stay in the NOW. And look at reality. Here and now. If there is something you need to change, change it.

Are you you? Or are you the product of a past that has you veering far from your mission here, the rules, laws, your parents’ projections, society’s projections, or are you YOU?

Because YOU are lOve. Eternal, bright, shining, golden, magical, independent, living, breathing, emanating lOve.

Free your soul of your mind, and the rest will follow. In other words, lose your mind. Trust me.

Talk to things, to your mind, to the space beyond, to people, because everything and everyone is vibrantly alive, everything breathes together. Everything.

Is everything.