Phenomenal woman, am I

This once a Moonth experience is a multifaceted diamond. Its luster lights up brighter every time to show me her many doors within, that open and lets me understand the variety of differing energetics. I know its powerful.

Balancing them all under the vault of the heavens, this realm and her laws makes it a demanding dance; conjunctions, trines, squares and oppositions, choosing the steps carefully, knowing which ones craving extra care and effort, focus, balance, all at once, stretching this, while holding that, to embrace this, leading to mastering that.

It encourages and beckons, calling my inner waves to flow, calm and rise all at once. This wind is not only calling to, but telling tales of considering curiosity, journeying anew, exchanging points of view, sharing light, merging, while all at the same time coming home.

Mastering the mood of deep healing one must dare to cross the bridge. ‘What is to give light, must first endure burning’.

The mood brings sentiments that are contradictory.. and he expects me to be calm, just because it’s in my name, phenomenal woman am I... Within, the ability to conjure up storms and raging oceans, thunder and lightning.. there is a certain satisfaction in releasing those super powers, letting the feelings flow, creating, being in them to fully know them, to fully understand before working on and healing any suppressed ancestral wound or just mastering yourself.. How will you ever know how tall you are, until you are in the deep end?

But such is the Moon time in those constellations. It comes every month, once a month. This time we, I and it, happen onto a moving, an Easter, the 1. of April.. we celebrate so many new years. Cyclical, round and round we go. The end is a beginning, the beginning promises an end, but in that end, at some point we forget, where it began and fail to notice it ended. And life flows..

So too the waves, calm, agitated, intense, raging, crashing, calm.. Riding those waves now, I am the master of the Ocean within. Moon time and all. My Super power. Conjunctions, trines, squares, oppositions and all.