Spring Equinox

The healing well is empty of running forest water. A Fire has been lit next to it instead, it’s incense appetizing, altering the state of mind. I cross the threshold, being carried, being called. The Forest Deva bows down to kiss my forehead and closes my two eyes. I open the One. Looking up she is circling right above me, as always. It makes me feel so welcome, so safe here, coming home.

She shrieks at me and makes herself seen, close by, all the way through, guiding me, making sure I keep looking up and following her, even if I stumble over branches and frozen mud, keeping the faith, trusting my path is guided, that I may stumble, but I won't fall.

Walking, I feel the ground rumble underneath my feet with such potency it makes me laugh. Quaking with power, ready to burst and explode, so alive. Yet above and amongst the trees there is a Winter song humming still, a soundless wind catching nothing but dead leaves, and naked branches can’t catch that breeze.

I hear rustles, soft voices and bell like giggles, but see nothing but fleeting silhouettes disappear everytime I turn my head. I feel the joy bubble in my chest, in my arms, in my feet, I know how everything dances already, as the Fire prematurely sets my soul alight, begining to replace, ready to burn it all down, what a feast it will be, beginning anew, another year, begin, begin, onwards, upwards, outwards, we have released our tired memories into the dark phase before the New Moon, there is a yearning for passion, for life, for Sun... How the eyes long for gazing into blue oceans and shimmering heat, for green leaves and endless skies, the body for staying up late and being outside, feeling the warmth caressing naked arms and legs, the nostrils for sweet flowery scents and soil smelling of sweet moist summer rain.. ...and I do know the water will run again when the ice and snow thaw, but it’s so little, so little, and the ground will swallow it, unnoticed almost, and the the dawn will bring the Spring song and inviting us to play and dance. To live. Again. Time and time again.

Everything here waiting, waiting, waiting, almost unbearable impatient to strecth, to shine, to breathe, to sing, to perform their one purpose within their seed; to bloom, to be, to flower, and some of those little gentle spirits are bringing this world so much beauty and healing. Their wisdom utterly unknown as few know how to know them- and knows then nothing of their true purpose here. We laugh together as their spirits gather round me, gifting me with images of the coming year, where everything has been forgotten, erased and worried for no more, the light returning replacing the long nights of darkness, the warmth soothes the hollow after the cold.

I walk with a one song in my Heart, that I extend to all the living beings out here, that I appreciate so much.

The White Lady whispers wisdoms and places the image of needed action in my one eye. The white quartz vibrating, calling, singing out a name I once had. I know where to go. I know what to do.

I leave this place a certain thank you, and ask for this Spring to open its doors wide and tall, we are coming through with such zest for life and joy, I can hardly wait to walk through and begin.

I end my walk at the ice blue Ocean. The end of all things. Always by Water. I spot our light house all the way across the sound, that’s how clear this day is. The waves are hungry and alive still, there is still time. I offer up that which needs to go back to the tides of the primordial Sea, dissolving their friction at the bottom, caught by the angels that make of the effort a shimmering white Pearl, and I am reminded that at the end of all trial comes the treasure. I let this year go.

I watch that wave receding. The Fire is coming. It burns strongly in my heart as I impatiently await the new.

Happy Spring Equinox, plant well in the portal