New Moon and Spring Equinox

The Sun is shining from a clear sky though the Air fills with magical crystals manifesting as little angels from out of nowhere. I forgot from where I came, though I know so well. Missions completed spending no more time wondering. Once you’ve solved the puzzle. Done, on to the next. Curiosity for the new brings that stronger fabric for weaving, on and ever on. Releasing the finalities, moving away, whatever this was for, I accept is probably part of an equation I won’t know about untill much later, when there’s a bigger picture to form.

The elementals oblige and bend to your will, that’s the alchemy of all things, that’s how you travel, that’s how you create. Keeping the Blue in your Heart you know the magic of living, the only beauty of existing, and exist we do. Beings of lOve, beings of light. The awareness of this makes all of these systems laughable.

Remaining detached from truths or systems, I do remember to laugh heartedly at those who believe they are in any position to define who I am, their limited beliefs and boxes hilarious. Uncovering their darkest fears, I know who I am. Eternally journeying through and on, remaining safe in my Heart-connection. The illusory idea that anything could happen. But I’m everything and nothing at the same time.

Why can’t love ever touch those hearts like fear does?

Today that jOurney ends. I don’t know why. I feel it in those magical cool white crystal Angels dancing in the blue sunny air. Kissing me soft and gently, cooly caressing my cheeks and eyelashes. 'Wake up..'

It's still a little of both; It’s the winter that comes too late and now won’t release its grip, it’s the birds insisting on singing the song of exactly that Spring we planted in the portal under the starry vault, remaining fixed on a particular constellation, so it’s all here, it’s good to go, all we have to do is let go. And let be.

Right here in the quiet space between just after and not yet.

We already did, we don’t have to think about, though we do, consciously worrying whether it’s done properly or not, waiting to see … ’did it work…?’ but it has already happened, it’s already working. We underestimate the power of our intelligence, because we too fall for the lie that seem to domesticate this world, that we need to see with two eyes instead of one. To know.

The portal is opening again. Today it begins. It all intertwines and merges and brings blessings to the new. A hundred thousand little white angels blessed this Air. This time coming.

There is peace within. A route laid out. The path. We've already paved the way. He made sandwiches. I brought water. Let’s go.