Full Moon awareness

And so, the full Moon casts her light on all the frozen darkness.

The stars fade, and the mighty Sun we can’t see at night, whose shine is too bright and make us blind to the things hidden under the surface of those rays we so yearn for through the darkness of Winter, keeps his agreement to fully project. Every month planet Earth dances her way into the perfect alignment.

Days bathing in the light reminds us of endless warm summers, but those rays are razor sharp and beckons us to focus on the growing shadow we cast standing directly in such bright light. But we turn our faces, instinctively, towards the light. We close our eyes and enjoy. We forget the shadow. And you can’t stare into the Sun.

Its shine too bright. So bright it has within its magic the ability to call upon life in the seeds planted, and now they rise like little yellow and white flowers everywhere, and they begin to sing about the magic woven, the hopes ignited, the secret desires from the Hearts of those who walked through the portals bearing a live request for certain somethings.

Those wishes are granted with such potency, we fail to remember how delicate it must be handled when opportunity for that wanted growth comes knocking on our doors. Often it is dressed in something entirely different and we mistakenly say ‘oh no, go away’ and thus miss the chance for something truly wonderful to happen in our lives.

We are never not granted our wants and longings, but we may have to work for them or work through something to make it happen. If a hundred rocks are blocking your path and it IS yours to walk, and you want to get moving towards where you’re going, you do have to remove the rocks, or else you’re simply no going anywhere. Simple logic, life sometimes brings.

In Moonlight, we see it.

It rushes in like a tsunami of overwhelming awareness. And certainly, it comes every month like a wave of remembrance. Of underneathness. Like a bass line to your glorious symphony. Whatever its vibe is made of. A call to purity and refinement through understanding the need for emotional intelligence? That could be one of the rocks on your path.

It’s now, the time, for casting away with its fading phase, that which you saw and felt and embraced and touched. That which collaborated with your longing for completion and fulfillment of purpose, called up from the undercurrents of your Sea of suppressed memory, where it lived too long feeding off your unawareness, eating up your every attempt to be free, be happy, be at peace.

Now with the power from the Sun and Moon, just like those flowers and their magic it is in your awareness. Don’t dismiss it. Work with it. Let the Moon take the remains away with her. Let it dissipate like melting snow and allow Spring to come. Isn’t the scent of those flowers amazing? Acknowledge the fact, that their seeds needed the darkness to grow. And the Moon and her phases in the dark nights made that growth possible. Enjoy them. The work is done.