New born

The forest is dark and I dislike it at night I am unfamiliar with its nocturnal creatures and their deeds The only thing I know is to dance with them Safely, protected, guided along the way The one sharing a name Taught lesson after lesson of how to stay the path Seeing through the illusions keeping the focus Knowing these are transitional phases and their gifts are permanent healing IF we take the white diamond from the ashes once their raving Fires burn out, having jumped directly into the core of that flame, enduring its licking flickers of purification instead of running away. ‘In this Fire may fear be met and understood.’ Keeping pace, miles to go before I sleep The promise kept The Fire burning eternally now in my cOre of lights Opened, forgetting the past, knowing I have nothing to do with it He said 'clear away any attachments to a former you, identity' I never understood till now, ignorantly thinking my way to it, physically ridding myself from any thing But the work must be done, slowly, surely, thoroughly Persistently, assertive, passionate, discerning Clearing away the shadow, dancing with it long enough to know when to change steps and get ahead You stop abiding the laws, knowing you are free, you were always free Knowing yourself anew Knowing who you are I’m not that daughter, I’m not that sister, I’m not the wounded warrior I walked out of the dark forest unafraid I am lOve The day dawns finally and you live New One pulse inside rhythmically beating along to the one purpose of this life The instant Sun shines and merged with it you shine its beams The world is more alive and beautiful than you ever saw Hope, joy and love fill your entire being because you are IT You belong you have purpose here Gaia loves you The constellations pull at you making sure you are guided to all the right places You forget you ever had a worry or care Under its light under its right foot I cried I was found and free Life began