I invoked the Dragons The magical creatures They came from the place I knew of But never had ventured A blue rose opened my heart

I walked through nocturnal portals I called upon the help and guidance I had to let the old go That old vindictive, bitter feminine chanting lies to my ears Her words envious poison Of all the things she’d never let herself have Control imprisons the Heart Alone in the darkness through solitude and loneliness

Yearning to bathe in the Sunlight To swim with the Moon's silver shine on my back

I sought the council of a soul sister A pure detached channel But full of the lOve I had been seeking inside She held up a mirror The tight grip finally letting me go

I banished the demon eating at my heart And finally breathed I spoke in tongues that were clear Hearable

I invoked the Dragons A blue rose opened in all my hearts Flowing abundant healing loving liquid pours While the Fires burn away the dark nights

Passionate, bright, clear, pure, eternal thick lOve burning 11 A new world reality Birthday

Seeing behind the veils I know who I am And now my One Heart is on Fire

Image: Rassouli, 'The Dance'