New dimensions

You change your perspective yet again and the worlds as you knew them falls away. Invoking something entirely different once you have the courage or the impetus to ask to go beyond.

The Black Dragon herself becomes the healing. She now burns away the lower frequency, grants instead access to certain ancestral insights, saying goodbye at this perfectly timed constellation, being granted permission to speak to the Stars.

Everything reciprocates. Every finger pointing towards the same direction. Showers of abundance of synchronicity. The hint of Spring. The notion to follow those intuitions or hints of urge to walk this way or that. Straight onto your path. Yod. Notes. Feel the healing as you say yes and open those portals. Stargates and Earthgates.

All has a potentiality of becoming. I see within the Tree her potentiality of the Sparkling Diamond. I sense it as we connect in the sacred embrace. As we merge and exchange. We are One. Purification. Oneness with all there is.

Within every ‘thing’ there is a spark of every-‘thing’, no ‘thing’ is excluded. Here on this realm we are bound by the laws of polarities, and in there lies everything that is granted to create, to live, to mold, to become. It happens all the time. Like breath. Like the divine spark of Life. Stretching. Ongoing. The cosmic laws.

Surrounded by light and everything that shimmers with lOve and vibration. It is only in the amnesia of it and seeking it in things that are not eternal and thinking it will remain the same, the illusion of pain can exist. Rejection.

All this is merely change. Once there is an accept to merge there is change, morphing into new. A new substance. New polarities, new growth. It cannot be anything but that.

Stretching farther and reaching affinity vibration the old turns loose. The mind objects to unknown. Let it. Align with lOve. Align with your Heart.

Know yourself again.