How to express words, when they are still vibrating in the in the wordless place that only touches your perception? Understanding the square and the dynamics it creates. Aha moments. Doors that open into possibility. Possibility, not difficulty. Instant and vast is the promise that grows parallel possibility when you stop repeating the same pattern but happen onto finding the way out of the loop. It rockets fast and far across the Universes. Its stardust falls like silver drizzle on our heads, like a breath of fresh Air. Like the constellation of stars, you only glimpse when you don’t look directly at it. But when observed through a sharper lens the tingling inner joy felt as we stare with wonder and awe at its dance in space. That’s the shift. Simple. But impacting your awareness. Thus, impressed with wonder, adventure and beauty, you change. You don’t have to say it. There are no words. Nothing is difficult. The creativity keeps the flow going. No stopping it. One drop of that stuff creates a thread that is solid, thick and seemingly endless. So fine, so strong. Still in Creation. Still pulling. Gravity and expansion at the same time. Wordless. Manifesting. Grounded, but free. Adjusting, and breathing freely. Small corrections, but ah... the difference they make.