Sacred Breath

The shift from victim to empowered being. We ARE happening to things. Not the other way around.

Feeling this renewed strength, do we really need the illusion that things are horrible or terrifying or take away from us or bind us and thus unable to change our lives we walk depressed through life? Is that the truth? No.

Those energies that cloudy your vision and fill up your space, are paradoxically beaming their light into the backgrund of your everyday making you aware, deeply, thoroughly until their message is conscious, liquid, solid, and you get to handpick those truths you want to keep, but also deliberately, consciously releainge the ones you recognize as destructive patterns. These transiting phases of your life take away with them the barriers, and you feel freer, as the sOul expands its expression ready to go another round. ‘Next!’

It’s the bubbly laughter rising from deep within when realizing how laughable the ego is. And suddenly how easy it all becomes after having spent never ending time rolling Sisyphus’ rock up the hill and the repeating insanity having made you want to exit altogether and just hope for better timing, realms, planes of existence, until suddenly it dawns upon you to change, maybe just a little thing, and BAM other Universes open up for you. Life isn’t needlessly hard on you to punish, but to make you aware that you are bound in an illusion about life and lOve. To make you change your perspective.

Remembering that joy is your natural state.

Realizing you don’t have to accept everything is by chance, that YOU can create. YOU are powerful. YOU can choose and make things happen.

Out of that loop I am letting things go now, that doesn’t serve me, but hinders my light to shine.

I see the signs and omens as affirmation of a live Universe that reciprocates and mirrors and manifests everything I need, so careful what I wish for. Careful where my intention goes. Careful as in do it with lOve, be sOulful about it, be aware, conscious. Gentle, even.

Everything is breathing together, so the simple notion of living in a place, where you actually can’t breathe shouldn’t be a hard decision to change away from. The things that bind you, makes you unhappy. Change them. Trust. Surrender. Let go.

Careful what you wish for. Anything done from lOve is already manifested.