The Angels that come into the room are different. This new change from solid to consolidation in the deliberate moves from Fire to Earth is this new instant manifestation. From observing and accepting evolution and chance, to knowing nothing was ever by chance. The acceptance and seeing intelligence, structure formed our world. To a degree. And then we moved beyond that. To a wordless wanting to not explain, but instead to embody and thus experience and know.

There is no thing outside. Nothing is not organized, chaos never meant disorder or confusion. All it meant was primordial matter.

From there something else emerges. It has been for a while. It’s not just in us, it merges and flows into our conscious awareness, not through images or up for interpretation events and incidents, some still call accidents or serendipity, that makes you go hmmmm, it is obvious, evident pouring into the collective, it shows itself in stages wider and deeper and beyond the fixity of our accepted ideas. They dissipate. They have to. We leave those stages behind, simply because, as it has been said over and over again, we can’t stay in the insanity of repeating what does not work.

We invoke it. We ask for it. We manifest. Look again. Simply. Look around you. Where does it hurt? Where does it bug you? Where are you stuck? What keeps coming to mind? So that’s where you need to look within. That’s your wound. That’s the you, you haven’t dealt with in action. Open and ready for healing. Embrace it. Then manifest something else. Something that comes from lOve, now the hurt is seen through.

'The new Light casts no shadow. The new Matter will be transparent. From eternity to eternity.' I read the words as the book drops in my hand in a Conversation with The Angel. Page 331.

There is nothing outside of gOd. No thing is by chance.

I see that void closing again. I see the liquid gold taking over. I see lOve in action. I see all the things being erased that did not come from lOve. It has nothing to do with me personally, as I am lOve in action. Once we know this it cannot be unknown again. In manifesting the alternative we understand, hopefully, how much power we have over our lives, our happening to things, our creations, our power to create.

Do you see yours?

The New light casts NO shadow. The New Matter will be transparent.

She walks out of that wisdom. A bridge was finally built.