It finds its sneaky outlets now in the dark hours of the nights. It creeps in, when the guard is down, in the sleep and dream state, those leeching images playing upon images of reality, that would have seemed valid enough had it not been too insulting and trying to hurt my discerning and heart trusting abilities; one goal… to separate. To win over the Heart and keep me its eternal prisoner. Refraining from returning and surrendering to lOve.

Grounded now in the years now of doing the opposite, disregarding its omens and warnings, the resting there is a place of power. Transcending the ego. The will. The root of that dark place, housing memories and ancestral pain, that was never mine, venturing taught me it's also where the original purest innocence was lost, but also is still there.

He saved me so long ago. His light planted the tiniest, beautifullest seed in me, it grew along the other stuff, maintaining a healthy, pure, innocent streak, keeping the golden liquidity alive, and as we met again, the Blue flickers of light around him, awoke the awareness of where I needed to heal, and where to align and return to.

Those two giants orbiting, meet again in the grander scheme of things today on this 11th day, but their embrace is evoking something entirely unexpected as their conversation turns to culmination. The Air may be howling and stirring things up outside, but inside a deeper peace penetrates and rests inside at last.

The environments are changing around us, there is another life to be lived. Now.

She rises higher and higher illuminating the sky throughout the night, while we sleep with no more nightmares. Leaving the embrace and the sizzling kiss on her eternal journey, she will always return to his house, his embrace and the exchange. He remains to be the rock in her life, in that house.

Stargazing, knowing comes. The upcoming currents transmitting their messages. Serendipities or just pure knowing that there are absolutely no things out of below as above or within as without. The question is always will and consciousness.

‘This is all about the movement of your will and the increased fertility of your actions. While it has its obvious physical and material manifestations, remember that will is ultimately the directive and regulatory function in your life; it balances and constructively utilizes all your energies. On a deeper level, it is related to the life principle, bringing life to your being. It is synonymous with the clarifying, purifying energy, needed to destroy old forms before new forms can be built and is anchored in two places in your body. The lower will is anchored in what's called your root chakra, at the base of your spine, where it expresses as your will to live or survive. The higher will is anchored in your crown chakra, at the top of your head, where it expresses as the spiritual will.’ ~Andrew Smith