Earth missions

He gave me a lamp. We spotted it together in a second-hand shop. He noticed how I noticed it. And since he couldn’t quite fathom why on earth I didn’t buy it, since it so obviously belonged to me, he got it for me. It is beset with crystals and quartz; Lapis Lazuli. Favorite color Blue. The light shining through those beautiful stones is quite magical.

It matches the Air in these energetically, cosmically, eventful and action-packed days and nights, though the Earth is quiet and still. I heed the quiet whispers, though I had if but for a moment, the illusory thought, that that journey was somewhat over, that there would be quiet for a while, and there was, but now, perhaps awakened by the invocations, the initiations, the ceremonial rituals and the premature feel of Spring, feet anointed, Heart open, the dark birds away, The rare Golden Eagle and his flight into a Sunset on the last day... all that… new clues to begin the new journey, the new, arrive.

They find their way through notes and messages, that resonated and vibrated healing and uplifting meditations through a testing time, reminding us, that the words we think and speak, make us create as we go; that lOve continues to ask you to feel more.

They speak through sentences and serendipities, creep in and dance on the tongues through impressed minds of both strangers and friends.

Surrounded by love and peace through these arriving days; home, a sense of family, belonging, in flow, through; then in one secure, trusting surrender at last to this Earth and its’ structures in a cosmos of liquid flow, breathing it all in accepting, receiving especially, trusting and loving, releasing its polarity instantly and all that; the fear, the mistrust, the test to see the conditions of this place; a duality exists and until the wisdom to cracking its code is established, fear is real. It is real, that once we enter, we too have to leave. We lose all that is bound to this realm. But love is real and lives forever.

The thousand tricks the mind and ego play upon your breath, until you know what it means.

‘(Perfect) love casts out fear’ it says in a Book.

Does cast out fear meant that you won’t feel fear, and if you do, can what you are, be love? Ego aside and all that. Or does it simply mean, that when loves starts growing inside you, fear has less room and will be there as the annoying roommate to show you, that because of the love it is cast out of you, until there is no more? Putting up one crazy fight to restore its space in you? Eventually becoming homeless, now it does not reside in you?

I understand in these days of love, the place that I have arrived at, that I housed a lot of fear. Ancient stuff, ancestral, societal, behavioral norms.. Accepted conduits.. Through the presence of kindness, love, connecting with soul families, compassion, forgiveness and healing, that fear is leaving me. Becoming homeless. Out of me, I see it. Cracking its programming on me I choose more and more consciously to be in love. Within and without.

I love my Earth life more and more. He is my greatest teacher, my best friend and my love. He tends to give what belongs to me. The little clues along the road a long cosmic treasure journey, a lot of love and a lot of faith.