The Sacred Wedding at Solstice

The Sacred Masculine comes forward like an Angel in his light in these dark nights to ask forgiveness of the woman he has rejected for centuries.

He admits to the fact that the condition of this world stems from centuries of struggle against surrendering to balance, in accepting intuition, senses beyond physical and thus transcendence of power and structure used for control and not its higher vibration; to better this world, to build in lOve, to aim for a higher evolution of the consciousness in complete awareness that this world is but a mirror of our sOuls, and we will journey home, out, back, in and within, beyond and into source, but while we are here and HERE in awareness of space time manifested as life, the cross we think we know, the symbol of Earth-life, there has to be balance.

The irritability, aggression and lack of control, the many diseases, road blocks and seeming obstacles hindering him from moving forward in the way he thinks will benefit his life is dimming his light. What he believes is free will is utterly taken from him, simply because his heart has seen the way and will not subject to the life of the ego any longer. Identity loss and fear of castration is all part of the letting go, so that his true light can shine forth. All that is the healing pain that comes once a YES has been uttered one way or the other, to emerge from the darkness that blinds the one eye. The surrender.

But for now, the anger and the struggle against, exist in believing that he has to submit to the feminine, and that is the problem. That is the fallacy of the mind and the ego. It is in the surrender to accepting the feminine within himself, that will make him free and not project these qualities onto the woman.

The battle is within himself. Not with the woman.

He comes to ask for forgiveness.

The Sacred Feminine feels the pull in her heart. She knows she has to give it.

For centuries she has been preparing for this moment. Teachings from a pure light beyond, that cares little for the phases of an orbiting and bound Moon, cycling so fast that it’s hardly worth it trying to explain the superfluous why’s and cleaning up the mess these erratic emotions stir, forever fated and magnetically pulled to follow any collective motion and karmic wheel of repetition. A zillion combinations of 'How to have a reaction to an emotion'.

The wise woman learns to laugh with her Sun and Moon projection lightshow while transcending those tsunamis of emotions, the Earthly realm conditions as a ground rule for existing. Acknowledging it is so. Not drowning in them or think she needs to embody all of it, while it happens. But through them and knowing every single one of them, instead of ignoring them, suppressing them, thinking about them, wanting nothing to do with them as they stir up other frightening emotions hard to deal with; shame, guilt, anger, aggression, lack of control, meditating her way through them with the mind, they will lose their power over her, they will recede, they will stop presenting themselves to her as a pattern of conditioned ancestral behavior.

The ones we fear. The ones we mistake for emotional prisons. And letting them pass through us we see the madness our minds have created and we are freed. Freed from the fear. The madness of emotions lessen as we learn how to be with them.

She stops blaming the Man, stops punishing him for denying her and lets him be. The demon that lives between the sexes is fed from power struggles and deliberate castration of each other. Healing comes in transcending the base chakra. Co-existing and the merging of the two. She kisses gently his wounds and he accepts. By letting her heal him, they heal the space between them.

The Sacred Woman meets the Sacred Man in this embrace. Their qualities embraced, acknowledged, known and claimed, bringing their lights forth within as without, as above so below, they merge and know no longer a beginning nor an end, who’s feminine or who’s masculine. They’re a flow of light merging, intertwining, they are a Wave.

They forgive each other. They move across the threshold of the old perceptions and become the One seed, that begins to grow arms that reach and a Heart that beats..

Ready for the new. The Blue skies. Springtime.