At the doors of time

It comes twice a year. Those gates open. Stargazing, breathing in that Air, I know more and more who I am, and what those open doors can potentially offer.

It seems like we never finish. There’s always more. Some transits come around like a magical incantations repeated to understand that the third time is that time of luck, of possible change into the fortunate blessing, to make sure we get it.. right. First time is a pain, second time is awareness and when the third time hits; armed and prepared we willingly accept the opportunity for permanent integration and then change.. Not haunted by bad luck, but blessed with opportunity of moving out of a dead end. Pushed into a higher level. Smooth moves. Dancing with the energetics of the times that seemed impossible just last time around. And now, being handed the very last chance to see how aware, how strong we became at what we first thought was going to ruin us, destroy and separate. It did make us stronger, closer, better. The ghosts turned into the very best teachers.

We curse them when they’re there. Ego objecting to surrendering into the lessons and the time it takes, thinking we should be happier at our lives. Appear wiser and smarter. Arriving, heavy loaded suitcases filled with tricks and trials. Rare, intense, stellar events that won’t come back around in a long time. Mastered, somehow elegantly or somewhat still wobbly, you stop judging and just accept its expression with you, you find yourself in the you that merged with it, and then it’s like seeing a good friend go. Relieved. But happy they came. And then things settle, and we move on. To the next. Life. In motion.

But at these gates, twice a year, there’s a natural pause, a free space to reflect upon what to bring across the threshold. I know, I will meet myself again in the Door. Exchanging that glance. A center focal point in that centripetal and centrifugal where I am everything and nothing in a split second of time. It happens, rarely, and that’s what calls to a greater celebration, that you arrive at the Door with VIPs and constellations that unlocks certain other rooms. Venturing, expecting adventure. It’s a special time this one.

And we must never forget through any kind of seemingly ‘hard time’ how rare these opportunities for exceptional growth and self-discovery are at hand all the time.

Stargazing. Breathing in that Air. Closing in on the gates. Knowing what’s coming.