Rock and roll with me

He is closing in on changing. Here comes the Sun king. Ready to be born again. Renewing his vows and his pledge to bathe us in his light. So vital for us. Behind it, though, further in there are greater beams. The male presence. The sacred masculine perhaps, embodied within these timely times of change.

I know his presence. An underlying hum to ground and counterbalance all this knowing of the new, yet ever present feminine integrating, making herself shown and known through me in all her wordless entity. Finally having a human body and caring less about the socially, (somewhat) scientifically proven, tangible, biblically cultural adapted societies’ conduits molded and repeated into thoroughly discoursed and agreed interpretation of archetypal patterned accepted rules and regulations of this realm. Yes, he has his say!

She laughs, still. Perhaps the amount of time spent on arriving at this no w here is truly amusing to her, perhaps she is truly entertained. Perhaps her laughter is interpretless, actually a frequence, and when contained, heard and studied, revealing a musical score of sound offering us a healing we have yet to accept and receive. She speaks through an entirely different wave length.

His is a denser one. A first unwanted presence. Tested, tried, angry, understood.. accepted. Welcomed. Wanted. He has lingered and fine-tuned any move of mine, grinding my core, my physical appearance, refining the way I converse and think, pointing to the diamonds sparkling in the ash of the things he burned down, teaching me to claim them, spotting my rightful gems, leaving what’s not mine be, placing the heaviest rocks in my backpack to climb the steepest mountain of relationship karma, thus making absolutely sure, I am in the strongest possible union, offered me wisdom from the Elders, turning me inside out and taking away anything that wasn’t needed anymore, whether I was ready to let go or not. He has become a dear guest in my many rooms of different houses over the past years of nomadic life style. Searching for hOme. A loyal companion, making sure everything was rock solid!

She is a new presence that lets me know that there is something else. I have a life here to embody it all through. He is the one who makes it real in me. For me. Makes it elegant. Solid.

I am excited to see what their dance together brings this time as there will be a change of modality. A change of elements.

And He is the one that made me Dance!

Bowie comes to mind this Sunday morning: ‘...I’ve found the door which lets me out.. When you rock and roll with me.. there’s no one else I’d rather be.. nobody down here can do it for me.. I’m in tears again.. When you rock and roll with me..’

Image: Cosmic Ballerina by Eugenia Loli