December magic

It comes like an angel into the room. Slowly, silently, bringing some peace. The quiet after the much ado.

How busy the state of silence is, now there’s a pause in the rearranging, shedding, invoking, ceremonial work, 11 New Moons, all the Eclipses, journeying, travelling, processing..

Letting it all that was thrown into the Air land, breathe and be and seeing it morphing into what we worked so hard for...

It comes timely. Like everything else, inconveniently perfect for everything you need in life to shape and grind you into the best version of yourself, though you may be sidelined for a while till the full new you is completed. That’s not a punishment, it’s a protection precaution for your benefit and is to be considered a kindness given to you from gOd. Though it may look like the worst time of your life, it is right there designed for you to go into the depths of your sOul. And though you may curse it and feel unlucky, it is in fact quite the opposite.

Like the Winter that makes everything seem dead, but as always buzzing with the invisible Life preparing for the next coming. Nothing ever stands still, far from it. The amount of life and busy-ness there is in dying. The intensity of morphing and decaying and entering into another cycle.. Life in action!

It’s in the little defining turning moments I always seem to spot and notice the next preparing already, always being shown the future, seeing the Spirit of the next Spring that is already in motion, rising from the outbreath of everything The Summer held and contained when it culminates. A birth of a moment. A stage is set.

She’s here, that Angel making herself ever present in my living room. And all I want is to be Home. Echoes and Silence, Patience and Grace. Quiet, now.

Let Yule time come with all the Darkness and glitter that holds the promise of light returning shortly, the rich Summer coming with all Her fruits and blessings of good times, the ceremonial behavior in our December activities, that we may or may not be conscious about.

It is the quiet before the new. A time for visualizing, making the New manifest. A truly magical time. Igniting those little pearls of hope with patience and knowing they will manifest in our lives, when they can. Just keep the faith.

May it be lOve in all its magnificent ways coming our way. The inner Fire lit before the Solstice and birthing onto Earth the New Year and taking those new steps into exactly everything we need in our lives to be the ones we need to be. To have a beautiful, wonderful life. Enjoy the Silence.