A change after the invocation. The doors wide open. A state of presence, an awareness that transcends the usual consciousness, more than an Air, deeper than a breath, gentler than the usual caress the beginning Moon time augurs.

She seems to care less about any predicament of the mind. She doesn’t get lost in the power struggles. I hear her laughter when I think about the retrogradation. She stirs my Fire, but the passion ignited is a deeper red than the one of the blood. It is sustained from the ancient wisdom that is brand new, because it was not in motion till now as no one bothered to call. No one remembered. No one sought to change the image.

Our ways of perceiving her have been dim and fleeting, as our ability to embody her adjusted. All the old clichés coming annoyingly true as we accept our limitation as humans. With a compassionate attitude. It makes me think of the 9 Muses. It makes me think of the Three Graces. It makes me understand the many ways I am woman and how tired it makes me, being perceived as one or the other or a little like that, and a little like this.

There are greater forces in this world coming through at this time, coming through and crashing our ancient and perhaps outdated archetypes? When the symbol is worn out, it loses its meaning, that sort of awareness.

Makes me think of something Lars Muhl said, though in a different context, while he was travelling Syria. ‘There comes time when the symbol is worn out. And then you have to get through it and come out the other side. Like travelling through your own personal mythology and unite with the one of the collective, entering some spheres where you no longer know yourself as a person. But you recognize yourself because you unite with IT…. Peace.. Love. God.. if you will..’

If you open your Heart to her, she will pay you a visit. A quite unusual guest as you certainly won’t see her acting like anything you’ve ever seen before. But if you let her stay, she will work absolute magic and wonders on your sOul. A new energetic presence to transcend them all. A welcome one.

I am every woman. But I feel a liberating sense of freedom, a presence with no words as it holds no space of relativity to any form of redemption or duality breaking loose from a masculine perspective to a feminie one. It’s just … different. In no relation to any other energetic. That’s the sense of freedom. A venture into that space between the in- and outbreath.

That space moment of relativity between the sexes, that has had such an impact on our history on Earth. I feel through me the exhaustion of having had to travel the seemingly neverending journey towards union and remembering myself through it, seeing that split has had us build entire civilizations, societies and religions upon it..

Where she comes from, her wisdom, her power, is from where there is more than a merging of the two, there never was a separation in the first place, so there’s little or no compassion for the journey to the union or the pain inflicted along the way. There is no memory of it in her presence; hence the sense of freedom. A healing of great power. And I see how and why we need that.

Sometimes the way forward is to let go of the past. All of it. Entirely. Let it all seriously, really die. To rise again. From somewhere freer. Better. Stronger. From that place Lars speaks of perhaps. From Love. Peace. gOd.. If you will.

I hear her soothing laughter. Her presence and power, I still have no words to describe. So I won’t.