New Moon

New Moon.. My favorite time.

Remembering the dream; The Sea that withdrew underneath my father’s house, and though we were high above it, I knew that the massive currents would still reach us, when She’d storm back towards the shore renewed and wild, almost bold- like it’s a playful event, plain rushing force through her veins.

Ah, the thrill of feeling one’s full power and thus in a way fulfilling the sole purpose of existing.. Intensity.

Taking everything back to the primordial Sea and bringing it back transformed or gone forever, merged into something new entirely and maybe not coming back in this lifetime, but in another.. Perhaps..

'Break often, not like porcelain, but like waves..'

It's a pulse, a heartbeat, the in- and outbreath, and now I know what IS there in that space between..

A portal to a space to be none of the other. She is there always waiting. Voiceless. Wordless. A universe of Her own, hardly ventured. Yet.

I’ll be not holding my breath, but not breathing either, just for that one moment. Just to see what happens. In Her space.

Happy New Moon.