The morning after all my storms

Sleep finally finds you.

No dreams, no disturbances. The fatigue and exhaustion lead you to a state of serenity, peace.

Out of this world. But in the safe embrace of a dying Moon phase, you are busy, busy, busy shedding and releasing those final journeys, you took to get here.

Faces you’ll never see again, energetics you won’t have to merge with to understand yourself. No more mirrors in which you realize what you really see is part of that collective that does hold yourself to a choice of conduit, but that kind of karma is a relentless binder, and you know your footsteps will linger there until you go back and erase them, and then it holds a door open, and you so yearn to shut it. To be free, to have the wisdom and go on.. to the place where your Heart beats wild and free.

Breath deeper and freer, just thinking about it.

There is no busy-ness in this void. The quiet of accepting the ending. It was such a busy one. I loved it. I loved this time.

Something new was invoked. Accompanied by the light of those likeminded souls, the meeting of a tribe at last. It rose, it travelled all the way into my Heart and initiated a metamorphosis in my cell structure and thus changed my entire path. Not by much, but the impact left a noticeable ruin. What couldn’t stand after that, fell. Free will and destiny smashed into each other and shouted loud and clear in my ear, so that I could listen.

The Heart wants what it wants. How many times has She risen, illuminating the will and the thought and the desires, then taken all the shadows to the underworld to purify them and regaining insight and wisdom from those depths, risen again, up, up to put that crown on my head.

When the heavenly bodies finally moved into the desired constellation, it finally unlocked the Moon from her prison of ancient repression and fear of causing damage, She too was allowed to phase and be obeyed, but like any opened Pandora's Box unearthing a journey of so much withheld madness that comes from denying a true nature from the beginning of a Man made dawn, stirring emotional hurricanes to such an intensity, and then the all kinds of shame you can feel by knowing YOU are causing the earth quakes by just thinking about feeling the metal in your bones.. And the healing by seeing HE is the morning after all your storms.

The co-wanderers embodied in those Masculines who choose daily to walk alongside the She, unafraid, curious, knowing, strong, embracing their wounds, their emotional states, the archetype of all She embodies in her state of being. She’s no Woman, He’s no Man. They are.

Together, in the merging when it dawns upon them, whether they be in sacred union, friends, frequencies that are finding their balanced vibration to act together and making a sound, a note, perhaps even a symphony, have come together in the isogenic state; and they illuminate entire worlds.

I saw that in a glimpse while being held in womb recently. I know what I carried with me. I know what I released, I know that they saw me, knew my existence, rewrote the chapter I asked of them and was granted a freer will. I am choosing my right to it these days.

Something is rising again. Something good. A free life, perhaps at last. Tomorrow there’s a sky without Moonlight. At all. Dark Moon. And then the New is arriving. Ready to grow. Again.

But today the Sun is shining. And I know suddenly, that some things we see clearer when Darkness falls upon our cycles. Whatever they be.