Magical moments

The state alters into magical crossing over the threshold. Summers’ youth grew into wisdom over the turning season. Now the frost makes them release and die to the cycle, and the Wind gently shakes loose those leaves that shower you their gold, each one of them a quality granted for you, as you recall, that you silently asked for, prayed for and wished you'd have them on those dark, lonely, heartbreaking nights, and here they are. Like blessings in the Sun on a blue background of infinity. Blue. Is the color. Open skies inviting you in. The eye is pleased. A welcome break from the intensity of late. Serenity and remembering how magical life is. In that one healing instant of golden leaves falling on you in the Sun. In the dying year. In the frost. And the crisp Air. You breathe. And laughter fills your tired being. Then back to work. The Heart in a Tree of life. Noticing for the first time, as the mind adapts further into perceiving, seeing and another veil is lifted, who She really is and where I really am. Having cast a Circle. Or having been invited into one. The embrace as wisdom and energy is exchanged. A familiar and welcome shriek from the circling winged messenger right but high above lets me know. Simultaneously both creatures tell me the same thing. What to look for, seek the wisdom of the one who knows. She follows me, from up above. And for a while we company together, like that. Earth. And Sky. As above, so below.