I met Her in my dreams. I met Her in my sleep. I met Her in my living days made real from within the relativity of the sacred union. Unable to express, thus unable to be received. And here we are. Man and Woman.

She is walking beside me making her strength and force known as she drops her pearls in my auric field, stealing my voice and my heart beats per minute. As she conjures up the storms within, stealing my Fire. Oh, she wants a voice. She wants a body to act through. She wants to be known. She wants her place in this world.

I hear her dark laughter within me, when I’m being commented on my too long hair. When I show my tears and make men run far away from me. When I speak truths, give advice and healing and being told I’m arrogant and a Priestess. Having to hold back my power, because I’m too much. Too enthusiastic, too bright, too forceful. Too much too much too much. My assertive strong legs dancing for hours, because they can. Steering clear of the cage. Knowing everything. Seeing through. Remembering. That She holds endless universal wisdom. Love. And how she longs to have Her place next to Him and bring balance to all of this.

I looked for Her in my past. I found her trapped and bound within the psychological dramas of my parents. I understood the prison she was captured in, as the battles between the wounded masculine and the wounded feminine moved no further than that. They cannot crack the force of the loop. I saw her tortured and burned in the Fires for speaking of knowledge and a blazing Fire passion, Man and Woman, children even, embodying her wisdom.

She was there beside him, but when wording the events, writing the story and making their laws, they called her names, devided her into many beings, told their disgracing stories about her, and not the One that she was/is.

I looked for Her in myself and I found her mirrored in the Child that was abandoned and horrified of the atrocity of this world. Who walked on from that. In shock, lonely, abandoned and misunderstood, hurting, wound bleeding, causing damage, traumatized, repeating patterns unaware. And every time the Light shone brighter, so too the Darkness in the opposite direction. LOve came, and stopped the bleed long enough for the wound to heal, but it didn’t stop her from wanting to come forth.

I looked beyond then to see the soul script, as above so below, as within so without, the Universal laws, the simple truth denied and misunderstood by those who will not see that everything breathes together. Denying a force that built the Universe, the creation of everything that is, is exactly denying Her, she is that. The Breath above that Void. The One who creates also has the power to destroy. It is the mystery within ourselves, and that’s the power, the abra cadabra in its polarities. It’s the perception and of light and dark. It’s the portrayal of the 2, that are One, that is interesting.

I found her as the Angel in the doorways of incarnating. I saw she was the one that convinces reluctant sOuls.

I see her in the phasing Moons. But I also see her in the rising Suns, the masculine woman taking upon a role to pretend to be equal to the male denying her origin. I see her in power struggles. I see her in the hospital in the doctors’ hands scribbling a verdict to the crazy woman, who’s gone mad in her rage against being denied her emotions, in the judgmental finger pointing, the blame and the guilt. The fear in people’s eyes, they fear Her, and see not that power within themselves that they fear.

She is everywhere, just like He is. They are One.

We’ve spent thousands of years in our current awareness and consciousness knowing Him, building a world and a society on knowing Him in all kinds of version, But it is a distinct and clear Him. Did we ever KNOW Him?

We’ve built churches, laws, rules and killed in His name. We’ve separated, built borders, institutions, religions, governments, structured time and a system of money. We’ve left out Her. One Man came, enlightened and offered us a truth wherein he saw Her as his equal. I believe it is the state we all need within ourselves. And then see what happens.

‘Open up my Heart welcome lOve on in -where are we without the Fire within? Open up your Heart it's a golden rule only fools would part the way we do Open up our Heart..'

Image: Our lady of holy fire, by Shiloh Sophia McCloud