The dream of white butterflies

Who knows where the soul wanders, when the door is open. When limitation is removed. The scripts erased. No longer important or serves any purpose. That moment between spaces prolonged. Extended. Things rearrange. The free will enhanced. When deleting the installed programs, the lazy expectation of opening ones eyes and expecting to see what we’ve learned, what we’ve been told, and what we keep telling each other. Stories. Made real. Made manifest? What do we decide then to see instead? Blink a few times and see. An image forms.

The mind temporarily disconnected. There is a presence here that craves attention and work. She is powerful, but not unpleasant. She comes to teach, to have a place without words. She comes through me, as a morphing experience. She brings healing. She brings peace. The cure is worse than the disease. But then it's done and the soul stretches farther into life. But they are also here. Two trails open up. Careful what you wish for.

It has been done and cannot be undone. The symbol that loses meaning over time and thus must be given back. Offered up. For healing purposes. It cracks the energetics surrounding it. It pushes and pulls at everyone who believed in it. It has become an altar of outdated beliefs, the loop of misunderstanding. The loop of not doing the work, but wanting prediction and quick fixes. Do the work. Do or do not. Give it UP.

The steep hill and the lack of anything to hold unto on the way down calls back an instant memory.

‘By the way, now that you have chosen the initiated pathway, I forgot to tell you, there is nothing to hold on to. If you need help, Prayer is advised. Good luck!’

But the Ocean at the foot of this hill is calling me. White wings unfolded. Three times in a row in the dreamscape. The calmness of this place, this state. Pausing. Serenity. As a counter existence to the storms of day- life. I venture further into it. Farther away from being able to come back. This is where my soul wanders.

In the space between, some scripts fulfilled and done, now waiting to journey with us, from us, with an expanded mind, a live sOul, nurtured from the fruit from the Tree Of Life, we get to create. Make manifest. The big question lingers. 'What do you want?' The Heart rejoices. It's her time.