A new life

At the end of all things and the beginning of all things, there is a pause.

A void. A chaos like moment, where everything is as it was in the very beginning. In there the golden thread is liquid, it’s the heart of creativity, the eternal spark of life. You weave before the outbreath, in the afterlife of inbreath. In there are all kinds of conversations are going on- all the ones you wanted to engage in, all the whispers of wisdom and expression. Wordless, that conversation goes on forever, it gives way for your substance to stretch and shine, to explore and perhaps explode, to build and withdraw, to change and grow, then return and dimmer until the talk quiets down and starts all over again in a transformed discourse.

All those stars shine for you, curiously they are you, the collective, the Universe and you. A flicker of truth in all its diamond like multifaceted lusters. I arrive at today blessed with the kiss of the Sun. Ignited. Lit up. The only way to look at the shadow. To know my intention for coming.

I approach with a resonating song. The humming creates a vibration and quickening of ethereal. I am out of this world. Cocooned.

The portals open.

It knows me. I am knOwn.

I wish I had the mind to fully understand, but I feel it nevertheless. If human eyes could only see. If the brain was only wired that way. The limitation humbling, but still accepting of the sacredness of this moment. It makes one ask for help. A moment of mercy and victory.

In that moment there a no words, just knowing. All things. Belonging to that space between I fall into the knowing that I am. Everything. Nothing.

A conscious return to that moment of being is healing. You meet yourself in the doorway of entering. A merging of origin and replacing the programming with origin of intention as you let go and surrender. Healing. Shedding. The Heart beats wilder and opens to let lOve pass and pulsate through you. To shine. And you breathe out at last.