You and I

Seems we lost time. We lost time trying to slay Dragons, battling the Shadow. Refusing to back down, untrusting life and her events, shaken from earlier misunderstanding of ‘bad luck’, we thought we fought for each other. We did. With our best intentions. We had our most romantic time stolen from us. It seemed unfair. Raw. Heavy karma delivered to our doorstep. No way around it. Arriving at two doors at the same time; sOulmate love at its highest beauty and most vibrant. The liquid gold weaving between us gently pulling at our hearts strings, awakening to the knowing of our connection. Those intense emotions opened to the unfinished raw, unhealed, as well. As above so below. As within, so without. Simple Universal laws. Who knows where madness comes from? Who really understands why rage can be so fuelled? Are we really dealing only with traumas from a psyche that was repressed for too long? Or saw too much hurt too early? And when exactly was too early? This life? Another one? With which soul’s consciousness are you experiencing things that are too much for this current psyche? Is psyche and soul the same thing? What exactly is karma? And can we say for sure, we know and understand it? Perhaps we never lost time, we were just immediately made aware, that this love had the potentiality to heal ancient wounds, not just our own from this life from past lives as well, and then as always when hanging on the cliff doing the work, you realize and accept willingly, that you might as well heal that same part of the collective now you’re at it. Do your work! Because you can, because it’s kind, because it’s needed. The wounded sexes and their energetic interaction. Synergetic constellations interwoven with the currents of the Interstellar. Unique possibilities of transformation and growth. And here we are. Still in lOve, because we learned along the way to trust and know, that when in lOve, there’s no other place to be with each other. And from being in lOve with each other we are learning to be in lOve. With everything. We learned that Dragons can’t be slain, that they are creatures of magic and luck, once understood and befriended, and that the Shadow has treasures beyond measure once you turn on the light within it. Here comes the time of Romance. Time is always now.